Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Volvo Museum and Hybrid Bus

On Tuesday afternoon, following the VREF's Future of Urban Transport conference we took a hybrid bus to the Volvo Museum and had a presentation on Volvo's approach to bus rapid transit and hybrid bus technology. BRT and public transport priority in general are one of my main interests, so it was nice to learn more about Volvo's work in this area. The main message for me was that transit priority is important for reducing greenhouse gases since there is only so much that vehicle technology can do by itself.

The Volvo Museum was fascinating. It describes the company history and there are cars, trucks and buses from every decade, including "concept" vehicles. Photo shows me 'driving' one of the historic buses (they would not let me drive the hybrid!). Very interesting is that Nash Motors from the USA almost bought Volvo in the 1930s, but at the last minute Volvo's founders were able to get additional funding to keep the company. Given my name that was an interesting personal connection!

Photos from the Volvo Museum are on my flickr site.

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