Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stockholm: Vasa Museum Restaurant

After spending the morning at the Vasa Museum in Stockholm I decided to have lunch in the museum restaurant. Museum restaurants are always dicey quality wise, but it looked good.

The restaurant serves "simple Swedish food" according to the museum brochure, but my meal was excellent. They had about three main dishes and lots of very ample sandwitchs and salads. Since I had Swedish meatballs the night before I decided on a lighter meal of fish.

I had salt cod with boiled potatoes and sauted winter vegetables. The cod was accompanied by lignon berry jam and capers (again I really love these bits of sweet in salty dishes). The vegetables were really great, they included beets with the standard carrots leeks and celery saute ... adding a very nice flavour. It's cafeteria style, you order, take your cold food and then the waiter brings your hot food. A nice touch was that when the waiter he noticed that I did not have any bread, and so he told me I should go back and get some ... that's really friendly and nice service!

Again, plan your museum visit, go to the museum ahead of the crowd and then have lunch on the early side too. When I went in I was alone in line, when I left there was a line (although it was pretty short).

It's only open for lunch, but I recommend it highly.

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