Sunday, April 1, 2007

Kuyima Whale Watching San Ignacio Baja CS Mexico

We just returned from whale watching in Baja California Sud Mexico. We chose to take a 3-day package from Kuyima in the San Ignacio Lagoon which was great! More photos are on my flickr site.

We stayed at Kuyima's Eco Lodge (a group of cabins near the lagoon) and went out on whale watching trips all three days.

The highlight of our whale watching was touching the whales; the young whales are very curious and often come right to the boat and stick their heads out (under the mother's watchful eye). We had two very good days (lots of whales) and two less good trips, but left satisfied.

Kuyima's guides were all young people getting masters degrees in marine biology and the other staff (cooks, boat drivers) were extremely friendly while we practiced our elementary Spanish (I always mix up Italian and Spanish) supplemented by pointing and smiling.

The San Ignacio Lagoon is currently protected, but attempts are being made to develop the area for industry and more tourism. There is a big conflict about whether they should allow this development to provide jobs or not. Sounds familiar. One of the people on our trip is working with the International Community Foundation on a project to help preserve the Lagoon by helping the local residents find employment and providing economic support to the lagoon communities. We hope the foundation is successful, the Lagoon is truly a magical place.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has also designated the lagoon one of their BioGems that should be protected, more about the lagoon and their project is available from the NRDC's Biogems website.

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