Sunday, January 1, 2012

New York High Line

NY High Line -  Sept 2011 - 09

I visited New York in September for a series of meetings with OpenPlans about organizing a Transportation Camp in Washington DC during the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in January 2012. While there I was able to visit the High Line, an old aerial railway line that ran along the west side of Manhattan. The rail line has been converted to a walkway and is probably one of the most successful urban design projects from the last decade.

NY High Line -  Sept 2011 - 03

New York Magazine asked to use one of my photos in an article they were doing about tourist photos of New York, but unfortunately, I could not name all the people in the photo (there were about a hundred) so they didn't use it.

If you go to New York be sure to take a walk on the High Line. All my NY High Line photos on Flickr.

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wcs said...

That's a great photo! Somehow I missed it. Now I'm going to have to visit your flickr collection for more!