Thursday, March 10, 2011

(B)eat Pizza!

You can't beet this pizza!
I couldn't help but think about my friend Walt when I made this pizza on Tuesday night. Walt's an American ExPat in France. He writes a great blog with lots of posts on the wonderful food they cook and eat (here's one for okra and tomato pizza). But Walt can (and does!) make a pun about pretty much anything. So when I thought about the possibilities for puns from this pizza (how do you beet this pizza), I had to think about Walt. My pun's not perfect, but I am still learning from the master! Maybe Walt will add a pun in the comments!

Here's how I made the pizza. Christa had cooked and sliced the beets a couple nights before. After cooking, she marinaded them in oil, vinegar and caraway seeds (she had planned to use them in a salad). Instead, I made a pizza with them. I used (sorry to admit) roll out dough from the dairy case. First I pre baked the crust with a little olive oil and salt for about 10 minutes (I always find it necessary to pre bake these refrigerated pizza doughs).
Beet Pizza and Beer ... Yum!

Then I spread the pizza with yogurt, placed thinly sliced onions and freshly ground horseradish on the yogurt, ground some pepper, then added the beets. On top I added a little more horseradish. In the oven for about 10 more minutes and voila!

It really tasted good.


wcs said...

Looks great!

Maybe you can "root" out the causes of this obsession with puns... ;)

Hey! My word verification is "exces." I think that's appropriate.

Andy Nash said...

Thanks Walt ... I'm LOL

Merisi said...

Puns are fun! ;-)

Your recipe sounds delicious.

I miss my American GE oven and its 550°F heat.
Twelve minutes for a pizza with crispy thin crust.
Somehow I can't get pizza baked in less than 30-40 minutes here and then I could pave a road with it. The road to Pizzeria Sestante at Maria-Treu-Gasse. ;-)

Andy Nash said...

Il Sestante is my favorite Vienna Pizzaria. I asked once if I could work there learning to make pizza ... they said sure, 1000 Euros! Probably worth it.