Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bus Meister: Public Transport Priority Best Practices wiki

I have started developing the Public Transport Priority Best Practices wiki as part of my Bus Meister project. The wiki is being developed on wikispaces and here's a link to the page that describes how the Bus Meister game will calculate how long it takes passengers to board a public transport vehicle, and therefore how long the vehicle will need to stop at a station.

The page has links to the other pages too. Since it's a wiki please feel free to edit it ... it's quite easy really, but I may need to invite you, so just let me know if you want to help!

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Anonymous said...

why 'Bus' Meister? and why show a pic of a train?

Andy Nash said...

Good question! The idea started as something to help improve bus operations, but since trams (streetcars) also operate on the street they also benefit from improvements designed to make buses run faster.

The name first came because it sort of rhymes with Ghost Buster and I thought I would make-up a parody song: "When your bus is stuck, cuz the traffic's messed up, who ya gonna call? Bus Meisters!"