Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Buffalo Architecture: H.H. Richardson's Buffalo State Hospital

H.H. Richardson: Buffalo State Hospital main building from my flickr photos.

On my recent trip to Buffalo I visited the Buffalo State Hospital grounds in an early, jet-lag induced, walk. Some of my photos are on my Buffalo flickr set tagged with H.H. Richardson: Buffalo State Hospital.

As I grew up the imposing main building (in the photo above) seemed always to be in view. We lived nearby and went to elementary school on the campus of the adjoining state college. It's a fantastic building, unfortunately it really seems to need repair.

Francis R. Kowsky, a Buffalo architectural historian, wrote a nice description of the complex and its history in 2000, it is reprinted on the web page Buffalo as an Architectural Museum:  A Towering Masterpiece: H.H. Richardson's Buffalo State Hospital.

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