Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Westbahnstrasse Tram Track Reconstruction

Our local tram (US: streetcar) line has been closed for a little over a week while the Wiener Linien rebuilds the track. The work has been going on for about three weeks (the trams kept running for the first couple weeks) and will continue until early next week.

Track maintenance is a massive undertaking, they started by tearing out everything until they reached the dirt (about 70 cm, 2.5 feet), then they rebuilt it step by step. First repairing the sub-base, next building a new poured concrete track support system, then replacing the tracks and finally placing a new roadway surface (prefabricated sections).

They are working on approximately three blocks this summer, doing one block at a time. The first block is finished, the second is just about finished and they started on the third block yesterday. They are also replacing a shorter section at Westbahnstrasse and Kaiser Strasse which involves a tram line crossing - the photo above is from that construction.

Here's a link to my 230 (so far) Flickr photos of Westbahnstrasse tram track rehabilitation.

I also have been filming some of the action, I will make a website with the best photos and films in the coming months.

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