Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Goethe Institute: Berlin versus Munich?

The Goethe Institute is a great place to learn German in Germany. I have received several e-mails asking me which Goethe Institute German course I preferred since I blogged about attending courses in Berlin and Munich.

I think the answer depends on your personality and what you want out of a "vacation". Berlin is an extremely exciting city with lots to do. Munich is very nice, but a bit more conservative and certainly more expensive. The Goethe Institute in Berlin is excellent, especially the culture program. The school is located in a very cool part of town with lots happening in the neighborhood.

The Munich program was also excellent, but since I took a two week super-intensive course there I did not have much time to take part in the formal culture program. But, there's also lots to do in Munich. In general I would say that Munich is a much cleaner and calmer city than Berlin, but still filled with culture, parks and good living.

I really like both cities, although I find myself thinking about signing-up for a two week culture and German course in Berlin this summer. There's something special about Berlin, its history and dynamism that's missing in Munich. On the other hand, I am sure I will return to Munich for a few days in the coming years and love it. I often think that it would be a perfect place to live.

If you have time, my recommendation would be to sign-up for a two-month intensive course. That gives you time to really feel at home in the city and do most of the cultural program (they repeat after two months). If you have more time, I would take some time off before starting again, after two months of intensive courses sometimes you need a break.


wcs said...

Almost makes me want to learn German! Ouf!

April said...

Thanks for this information. I'll be living permanently in Munich from Los Angeles and was having a hard time deciding on which school I should go to.
Danke Shone, April McGee-Riess