Saturday, March 21, 2009

More on Eine Strasse als Museum

Yesterday I wrote about attending a workshop given in conjunction with the Wien Museum's Eine Strasse als Museum exhibition.

In the discussion we had following our attempt to develop ideas for exhibits/programs similar to those developed by Hong Kong's Community Museum Project, I suggested that the Naschmarkt was not a good place to do this. My point was that the Naschmarkt is too touristy and atypical of Vienna.

On the other hand, as several others argued, the Naschmarkt changes over time: Monday at 10 am is quite different from Saturday at 1 pm in terms of locals versus tourists, and in other ways as well. Also, there's probably a lot to learn from the mixture of foreign people working and products sold at the Naschmarkt. Good points.

I still, however, believe that another site might have been better for us to use in developing a concept. Not because the Naschmarkt is not worthy of such an analysis, but rather because it's too complex a place to start with.

Although, when I explained the day to my wife, she came up with a great idea: doing a survey of what shoppers purchase at the Naschmarkt. Sort by time of day/day of week ... compare to other markets in Vienna ...

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