Friday, February 6, 2009

Vienna: die Burgermeister Restaurant

To celebrate President Obama's Inauguration we went to the Democrats Abroad party but after seeing the speech decided to get some real American food ... hamburgers and french fries.

We went to a relatively new restaurant called die Burgermeister. The name is a kind of play on words since Burgermeister also means mayor in German.

The restaurant has a few tables and a small counter where people waiting for a table or to pick-up food they ordered can wait and have a beer.

Everything is high quality starting with the beer. die Burgermeister has a cooler with about 25 different kinds of bottled beer. They had many of my favorites including Trumer Pils, Augustiner Edelstoff (Munich) and Rathaus Pils (Baden, DE). We had fun comparing a couple of different ones.

The hamburgers are very tasty, freshly ground meat cooked medium. They come on a semi-whole wheat roll (calling it a bun would be wrong) with homemade ketchup, some pickles and a bit of mustard. You can order several different toppings including mushrooms, grilled onions, etc. The french fries were as good as any I have had even Hayes Street Grill in San Francisco. They came with the homemade ketchup too (but not enough!).

We spoke to the waitress and she told us that almost everything is homemade and "bio" (which is similar to organic) although the rolls are made specially for them. You may need to wait a while since all the food is cooked to order, but the beer cooler helps! We will go back soon. Our dinner: two burgers, french fries and several beers was about 25 Euros.

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wcs said...

Now you've got me craving burgers again!