Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Warsaw: Pierogarnai na Bednarskiej Restaurant

In my quick trip to Poland I really wanted to have a pirogi meal. I opted for a very traditional restaurant (a "milk bar") located just off the Krakowskie Przedmiescie on ulica Bednarska 28/30. The street runs downhill and on the right side you will first pass a bar (they were very friendly, and even though they are a restaurant they told me where their competition was ... I just kept asking for pirogi!). Next you will pass, I am not kidding, a sushi bar. Then up the stairs to a simple but nice restaurant. You order at the counter and it was a bit of work to get an English menu (it has the old prices so they do not want to confuse people I guess). I ordered the menu for 15 Zlotny which included a good vegetable soup, a cole slaw salad (see photo on the right) and six pirogi. They let me have three of two kinds, so I chose the 'brother-in-law' which are filled with a sauerkraut-vegetable mixture and 'diavolo' which are filled with a spicy (not really) meat mixture. (You can guess which were which in the top photo.) The pirogi were covered with a light dose of bacon bits and meat (quite tasty).

I love eating things like pirogi because so many cultures have this same food, but with different fillings. It's fun to contrast and compare!

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wcs said...

I would even eat that for breakfast... like right now! ;)