Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Madrid: Casa Lucas Restaurant - Tapas

We had two excellent tapas meals at Casa Lucas Restaurant at 30 Cava Baja street in Madrid. The menu is short, but everything we tried was fine. The pork loin tapas were exceptional. The meal starts with a couple pieces of sausage on bread that arrives on your table (or on the bar) as you sit down. Next order beer or wine as you peruse the menu and choose several tapas to share. As I said everything was great and they had a pretty good English language menu. We spent 34 Euros for two including beer.

We also visited a couple nearby tapas restaurants/bars for a drink. Especially good was La Chata at 24 Cava Baja. If you ask they give you a free tapas consisting of a small dish of chorizo sausage with potatoes and peppers, quite tasty. The sit down part of the restaurant also looked good.

We arrived early one night (Casa Lucas does not open before 8 pm) and had a drink at one of the bars on the corner, here's a photo.

In summary, Cava Baja is a great place to eat in Madrid.

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