Thursday, September 4, 2008

Riquewihr to Bennwihr - Hiking in Alsace

The hike from Riquewihr to Bennwihr is a bit less scenic than the Ribeauville to Riquewihr segment, but is still worth making. The route is mostly downhill and winds through the vineyards. It took me about 1 hour, although I took a short cut through Mittelwihr. The photo above is looking back on Riquewihr from the trail.

Bennwihr is a very small town. There is a cafe (the bus stop is located in front of the cafe) and a small food shop (closes at midday). The cafe does not serve food, but it's fun to stop in for a beer or coffee. The photo below is of a statue honoring soldiers who died in the war; it's located in front of the church.

There are several small wine makers in Bennwihr who have tasting rooms and also a very good cooperative cave located on the Route des Vins D'Alsace on the south part of the town.

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