Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Zürich - Sternen Grill am Bellevue

One of our favorite places to eat in Zürich is the Sternen Grill on the Bellevue square. Here are some photos.

It's fast food, you walk-up, order a wurst (sausage), pay, take a mustard (in photo), take a roll, look for a seat at the plastic tables and order a drink from a waiter if you want. A simple draft beer ("Stange" - Stan-gay) tastes especially good with the mustard and wurst. We always eat the Weisswurst (white sausage) which are famous in Zürich. They are made from veal.

The rolls are called "Burli". Burli have a very hard crust, often with a bit of a burned taste, and a very dense tasty inside. They are one of my favorite breads in Switzerland, which is saying a lot since Swiss baked goods are excellent. The Burli at the Sternen Grill are really excellent, they're from the Gold Bakery - perhaps the best in Zürich.

The people working here are really nice and friendly. The atmosphere is very informal, it's normal to see all elements of Zürich society eating together here. It's one of the least expensive places to eat in Zürich (Wurst and beer for just under 10 Swiss Francs) and one of the most interesting.


wcs said...

Now I'm hungry.

skpb said...

what time does the Sternen Grill open? Are there only sausages on their menu?

Andy Nash said...

It's usually open from about 11 am until after midnight every day of the week.

They also have roast chicken, hamburgers, pastry pies (vegetarian and meat) as well as french fries. But, probably 95% of the food served is wurst.