Thursday, March 13, 2008

A la pomme de pin - Lausanne Switzerland

We visited Lausanne last week to attend a conference. We had a great dinner at "A la pomme de pin" in the old part of the city. Here are some photos.

Dinner was excellent, although the service was very slow. We made reservations (you must do this, there were no walk-ins) at the Brassiere which is in the next room from the restaurant (and slightly cheaper).

I had fish soup, excellent with garlic toast crutons. Then we had salad, my wife's was dandelion with chevre, mine was a simple mache (what the Swiss call Nussli).

As main courses my wife had a filet in morel sauce with fresh pasta and I had a long-braised leg of lamb on mashed potatoes. Both were fabulous.

The food was so good we also ordered an dessert, the same one everyone else seemed to be ordering, a warm chocolate pudding with a slight orange flavor.

The service was very nice, but as I mentioned very slow. They don't have enough servers for the room. They spoke French but were happy to speak a passable English. As we were leaving we talked with the chef and my wife asked exactly how he had cooked the filet, he was very pleasant. Our dinner cost 135 Swiss Francs.

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