Monday, March 17, 2008

Amsterdam Public Transport

I admit that I am spoiled public transport-wise - having lived in Zurich for five years would spoil anyone, but Amsterdam's system has some real problems. For example, on Friday evening about 11 pm, we were waiting with about four other people at a downtown stop for the tram. The frequency is 4x per hour at that time and we had been waiting about 10-minutes. The tram we were waiting for just buzzed-by ... aparently we were supposed to signal or something ...

Another strange thing is that they have conductors in some of the trams who sell tickets. These people were all very nice, but it means that everyone must get on at one set of doors, delaying the trains. I wonder if proof-of-payment would not be more efficient (it's in place on some of the trams).

Also, a bit less of a problem was the guy smoking a joint on the tram we finally caught on Friday night, but ...

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