Saturday, March 22, 2008

Amsterdam: Bistro 't Stuivertje

Everywhere we went in Amsterdam we seemed to eat well, but in totally different styles. On Sunday we ate at the Bistro 't Stuivertje, a real neighborhood restaurant for Amsterdam's Jordaan district. We were also lucky here, we got the last available table, the restaurant was full even on a Sunday night.

We started with a 'Dutch' mustard soup (see photo). It tasted great, the mustard was more subtle than Dijon mustard, but it still was strong and refreshing (if you are like me and love mustard!) and it had very thin slices of apple floating in it which provided just the right contrast. A great dish!

For main courses I had red snapper with a spicy and sweet curry sauce, Christa had sole which was cooked exactly right. Along with the main courses came salad and French fries (there was rice with my snapper and cheese potatoes with the sole along with sauteed vegetables) - I mention this only to excuse myself for not testing the desserts, which looked great at the other tables. Especially interesting was a cinnamon ice cream dessert, but, next time.

Service was great, we spent a long time talking with the chef who was born in Fiji and lived in San Francisco for many years before moving to Amsterdam. The restaurant is in an area that is gentrifying, but they are trying to keep the local tradition as a restaurant for everyone.

No website, here are the details: Bistro 't Stuivertje, Hazenstraat 58, 1016 SR Amsterdam, Tel: 020-623-13-49. Our dinner cost 47 Euros with beer.

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