Friday, July 9, 2010

Cali Columbia's Bus Rapid Transit System Film

Here's a film from current TV on Cali Columbia's new bus rapid transit system which is called MIO. It's a nice film illustrating many of the benefits of BRT. At one point a user complains that she likes the older minibuses better - because the new system is too crowded! Not sure if that's really a negative ... a few more buses might solve the problem.

For a slightly less serious look at South American BRT systems check out my music video parody: The Bus From Curitiba on YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Andy,

Colombia has BRT systems operating or in development in most major cities now. One of the more recent ones to open is called Metrolinea in a city of about 1 million that is called Bucaramanga.

Like Bogota's TransMilenio, Cali's MIO in Cali, Pereira's Megabus, and Johanneburg's (South Africa's) Rea Vaya, the Metrolinea system is anchored by some impressive infrastructure.

Oh and here is a 12 s clip of Bogota's stations:

Check out the Metrolinea Infrastructure:

And last, a look at the Rea Vaya in Johannesburg using Google's street view:,28.04194&panoid=luKWn-_DiQl47OI75aO_Sw&cbp=12,252.03,,0,1.84&ll=-26.204678,28.04194&spn=0,0.000603&z=21