Monday, July 20, 2009

Rovine Istria Croatia

We just returned from a short vacation in the city of Rovine, Croatia. Rovine used to be an island, but they filled in a narrow strip of water in the 1800s (?) so now it's a peninsula. The old city is the pretty much a pedestrian area of narrow streets and alleys. It's quite beautiful.

We also traveled around a little through the Istria region. Many of the cities have buildings that look like Venice, no surprise, the region used to be controlled by Venice. In fact, Italian is the second official language.

We stayed at a very nice B&B called Casa Garzotto in the old city. The 'staff' consisted of four young people who did everything possible to make our stay pleasant and memorable. They were really fun. Here's a photo of me with one of the nice espressos they kept making for me.

The water in this area is clean and refreshing. It's possible to go swimming all along the mostly rocky coast. Casa Garzotto has bicycles you can borrow and our best swimming was about 20-minutes south of the city via bike. coffee they kept making for me!

We ate at one of the restaurants that they recommended (Santa Croce) which was very nice, the restaurant's terrace consists of steps up from the main 'street' that act like risers so you can watch the parade of pedestrians as they stroll along through the night.

We also had two wonderful dinners at the restaurant Puntalina, the last building on the water side. A big electrical storm interrupted our last dinner there, so we needed to move inside. I made a film of some of the lightning, I'll post it on YouTube soon.

More photos are in my Flickr Croatia photos.

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