Saturday, March 22, 2008

Amsterdam: Le Zinc Restaurant

We were really lucky to find Le Zinc in Amsterdam. We were walking by and it looked nice. At first they thought there were no more tables, but, in fact, there was a no-show upstairs, so we were in!

The rooms (upstairs/downstairs) were very nice, flickering candles and space between the tables. The service - like everywhere in Amsterdam - was wonderful ... such nice people.

We both ordered three-course menus with accompanying wine. We started with a special cod fish served in a chicory soup (we liked it so much Christa made chicory soup the first night we were back in Vienna). The cod was broiled and set in a shallow bowl of soup with a wedge of chicory very lightly sauteed (I think). Fantastic.

For a main course we both had a lamb combination; several slices of lamb fillet and long-cooked lamb shoulder pieces formed in a small cylinder, served with Greek pasta that tasted almost like risotto. The Syrah based Rhone wine went perfectly with the dish.

I ordered the cheese course and Christa the dessert, so we could taste both. I asked the waiter to pick a selection of strong local cheeses and he did a great job. The three-year old Gouda crumbled in my mouth and went perfectly with the Port wine. The dessert was also excellent, a lemon ice cream.

The dinner cost 110 Euros with tip. Definitely make reservations!

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