Sunday, April 1, 2007

Back from Baja!

We just returned from two weeks in Baja California Sud Mexico and a couple days on both sides in San Francisco. The trip to Baja was great, the people so friendly it gave us pause. I remembered a newspaper article suggesting the USA should adopt an EU-like right of free migration and work for Mexico and Canada. Judging on the people we met in Mexico that would be great.

We flew to Cabo San Jose Airport, rented a car and drove to Todos Santos. The next day we drove on to La Paz (1 night), Loreto (2 nights), Santa Rosaria (1 night), San Ignacio (1 night).

The goal of our trip was to whale watch in the San Ignacio Lagoon at Kuyima eco lodge (see separate blog entry).

After whale watching we went back south stopping at Loreto and La Paz, before spending our last night at San Jose del Cabo.

We liked Baja better as we went further north, to the less developed areas. One of the owners of our hotel in La Paz told us that he had seen how things changed as more tourist development took place in Cabo San Lucas ... people became less friendly, more interested in partying, etc. People in La Paz and north were always unbelievably nice.

We really enjoyed our trip and hope to return soon.

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